Android Car Radio Navi

Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat

Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat

Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat    Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat
Android rom 10.0 32gb wifi dab dab car stereo + GPS nav radio for volkswagen vw t5 Golf Mk5 Jetta + camera. 9 inch gps car stereo player fit for VW / Skoda / seat. Can fit for you below.

ALTHOUGH we-have made every attempt to Ensure this unit will be compliant with the listed vehicles. Please check the Year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing. This unit does not supporting your cars Dynaudio sound system em.

Applicable Volkswagen OEM radio models. Rcd 210 / rcd 310 / rns 310 / rns 315 / rcd 510 / rns 510. Applicable Volkswagen OEM radio models.

Rcd 550 / rns 810/850 rns / seat 2003 / polo advance 2014. Power supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5v). Front panel size: 220mm (top width) 128mm (high) 210mm (bottom width). CPU: 1.6GHz mtk 4. Capacitive or resistance screen: capacitive. Main status bar display menu: can be changed to music / radio / bt-stereo player. Wi: built-in wireless modem, media 802.11b / g / n. Explorer: opera, ucweb, SkyFile, dolphin explore and more for your selection.

Online entertainment: online video, TV, movie, music, radio, video chat. Online browsing: online Google maps navigating. Online games: yes, online play or you can download it from google play store. Online communication: WeChat, twitter, facebook, skype, gmail, whatsapp etc.

Read and edit office software: yes, Support word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, txt. 264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV h. 30 formats video playing Internet Directly (while downloading).

Could play through song list. Other: LRC synchronized display; ID3 search; search by files; Album picture; user-defined audio effect. Audio IC: ic top global cirrus, independent audio decoding.

Snr: noise ration: = 90db. Operation system: android 10.0. Maps Support: IGO, google map etc. Support 2D / 3D map views: yes. Dual zone: yes, navigating while playing music. Online navi: yes, medium navigating Google maps online. A2DP (Bluetooth stereo music): yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth. Bluetooth music control: yes, play / pause / previous / next. Pb-download: yes, can download Phonebook from mobile to this unit.

Pb-search: yes, can use the first letter to search contacts in member-bp listings. Calling Records: yes, dialed call, received call, missed call. Setup: auto answer, auto connect, name device.

Built-in microphone: yes, on the front panel. FM tuning range: 87.5-108MHz. Fm increment: 0.05MHz (had) /0.1mhz (us). Position: 2 USB port, can be connected with media / camera / smartphone.

Play videos MP5: yes, can play RMVB videos up to 1080p. Touch Music title to play Directly: yes. Built-in recorder app for: yes, just connect a USB camera to use this function. Support hd ccd camera: yes. Play Recorded Video Directly: yes.

Storing position: nand flash / GPS card / usb storage can be changed. DVR is optional, not include. External Port for tv box: yes, supporting DVB-T / DVB-T2 / ATSC / ISDB box.

Power supply to tv box Directly: yes, you can connect our tv box to accomplish achieve this function. Touch control the tv box is united: yes, you can connect our tv box to accomplish achieve this function. DTV-box is optional, not include.

Built-in player dab app: yes Port Connection: USB power supply to dab + box Directly: yes touch control dab + box is united: yes. Dab + box is optional, not include. You can connect a bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 scan tool to use this function. Elm327 bluetooth obd2 scanner tool is optional, not include. Tire pressure monitoring system, helps you monitor your tire pressure and temperature pour augmenter your driving safety.

Tpms box is optional, not include. Textbook: could change font, font color, background color, bookmark, reading e-book while listening music. Photo viewer: Support jps, bmp, png, gif etc.

Wallpapers 0 Live wallpapers, wallpapers 18 standard supporting diy wallpaper from gallery. Install apk: Support android install package. Support Torque Pro (OBD2 & car): yes, you can connect a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool to use this function. Obd2 box is optional, not include. Support mirror link function: yes, medium screen mirroring from iphone and android smartphone. Support tpms: yes, tpms box not include. Sound: key tone & volume. Storage: display internal storage / nand flash / storage device connected. Apps: running apps display / force stop / uninstall. Languages ​​and input: more than 180 languages ​​and choose input method.

Date and time: setting the date & time by yourself or choose gps / network-provided time. Gps: yes, gps app options / monitoring / sound fashion / mixing ratio. Driving safety: watching video, reversing x-mirror / volume, reversing trajectory / radar display, rear view ruler. Boot logo: code5678, 115 open-unit-logos. Rear-view camera video in: one.

Aux in audio r / l. The item \fi, video, gps \ multimedia embedded \ main units stereo systems. \The vendor is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union.

  1. Features: Bluetooth <\/ li>
  2. 1 features: GPS navigation, touch screen, bluetooth, wifi, eq, dsp, DVR, tpms <\/ li>
  3. characteristics 2: swc, backup camera, mirror-link, FM / AM / RDS, USB, OBD, dab + <\/ li>
  4. :: cpu quad-core 1.6GHz <\/ li>
  5. + dab :: optional, need to buy from us adapt <\/ li>
  6. dsp: built-in <\/ li>
  7. had map: yes, offline map already built in <\/ li>
  8. features: radio, mp3 player <\/ li>
  9. media format :: MP3 / 4/5, flac, acc, ape, wma, wmv, wav, rmvb, mkv, mov, flv, 3gp, rm <\/ li>
  10. Manufacturer warranty: 1 year <\/ li>
  11. brand: foiioe <\/ li>
  12. manufacturer part number: not applicable <\/ li>
  13. manufacturing country: Hong Kong <\/ li>
  14. 2GB DDR4 RAM :: <\/ li>
  15. Romani :: inand 32gb flash <\/ li>
  16. :: android OS 10.0 <\/ li>
  17. size: double din <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat    Car Gps Navi 9 Android10.0 Dab + Wifi Golf Tiguan Passat Eos May 6 Seat