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Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi

Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi

Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi    Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi

Car erisin es3126s 9 volkswagen skoda dsp android 9.0 for navi. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Car erisin es3126s 9 volkswagen skoda navi dsp android 9.0 for c.

Visit our store you will find a wide range of. Adopt the newest operating system android 9.0 pie, capacitive touch screen 1024 600 hd, quad core processor 1118 MHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, support of USB extended keys 3 up to 3 64GB . You do not need to use a different adapter, simply connect your iPhone to this unit with USB for use carplay function. The integrated DSP amplifier supports the last 30 equalizer bands, which brings the perfect sound effect in your car.

App dab + integrated, simply log in with our dab + box to use this feature. App tpms integrated for displaying the pressure monitoring system tire, simply log in with our product tpms via USB to use this feature, and integrated DVR application, simply log in with a USB camera to use the recording function car.

Support mirror link for iphone and android smartphone. Support Torque Pro (OBD2 and car), you can connect to the bluetooth scanner tool OBD2 es350 to use this feature. Function most popular and powerful: support for video 1080p / live images / pictures 2160p, supports PDF / Word / txt / Excel, multimedia audio / video player / photo, surfing on the internet via 3g / 4g or wiFi, support for google maps online and off-line maps for android Free navi, access to thousands of apps, games on the google play store, stay connected via twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail, WeChat, skype and other services, play popular games like fruit ninja, feed the candy, angry Birds, big fish, air attack. To ensure that the article fits your car, check the shape and dimensions of the center console or stereo from your vehicle, which is the same as described in our card before purchase.

According to different versions and years of skoda, we provide 3 frames reassembly in the package, simply choose the right to use. The new super wide 9-inch screen with a new look --- our unique design - google android 9.0 operating system pie, unique design of the user interface and beautiful fashion - capacitive touch screen five points, digital display hd 1024 600 - support for the split screen, you can run two applications side by side - quad-core chips mt8227l industrial grade processor in April 1118 mhz - 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, support 3 uSB keys extended until March 64 go - dSP amplifier integrated, supports the final equalizer 30 bands, which brings the perfect sound effect in your car - display the status icon in the main menu: music / radio / bt stereo player and clock / date / week - integrated clock and calendar, clock / date / week / time zone adjustable, can use time by or provided by the network - multi-language: it has more than 180 languages ​​to select - 8 colors of light panel, and you can configure hundreds of colors through the combination rgb - 7 built wallpapers, support live-wallpaper and user screen wallpaper gallery of pictures - apple built carplay. Internet access and integrated management of the internet 3g / 4g external, the dongle 3g / 4g is not included - support for browsing online Google maps, you can use for navigation if you are on the internet - support for navigation on android cards, you can use the free navigation on offline maps. Supports Android media player, it can play music / movie / photo from a local disk or usb. Online entertainment, online video, television, film, music, radio, youtube, yahoo, msn - online communication, stay connected via WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail and other services - support for reading and publishing the official software, word / excel / powerpoint / pdf / txt.

Support google play store, you can download thousands of applications and games from here. Supports 3D games, video hd 1080p h. Supports Bluetooth A2DP, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your mobile phone - support the phonebook download and directory search function - supports Torque Pro (OBD2), you can connect to es350 bt obd2 scanner tool to use this function. Support for the USB key until March 64 go.

Apk integrated DVR, simply log in with a USB camera to use the drive recording function. Apk integrated tpms, simply log in with a product tpms via USB to use this function - dab + apk integrated, simply connect a box dab / dab + with USB port to use this feature. Apk av-in integrated, you can login as a box DVB-T / T2 for audio and video enter - Support for the entrance to the rear view camera and reverse trigger control - steering wheel control support, control handbrake - anti-shock, general last position memory - power supply: dC 12V (tolerance range: 10.8 to 14.5 v) - max. Current: 10a - screen size: 9 inches - Panel size front: 280 mm (upper width) 260 mm (high) 202 mm (width less) - Package size: 350 mm 330 mm 160 mm - weight shipping: 4.0 kg system - operating system google android 9.0 - cpu: mt8227l 1118mhz cortex a7 - ram 2 gb - internal memory: 16GB - extended memory: uSB support up to 3 64GB display - touchscreen: yes - resolution: 1024 600 - capacitive screen or resistance: capacitive - integrated clock and calendar: yes, display in real time and can use the time provided by the network - display the status icon main menu: music / radio / bt stereo player and clock / date / week - change the position of the icon of applications: yes internet - wifi internet: integrated wiFi module, support 802.11b / g / n support wifi access point - internet 3g / 4g: dongle usb 3g / 4g not included, contact us to buy it together - explore: opera, uc web SkyFile, dolphin and more for your selection Explorer - Entertainment online video, television, film, music, radio, online video chat - Online Navigation: Google maps navigation online - games online: yes, play online or you can download it from google play store - online communication: stay connected via WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail ...

Read and edit office software: yes, supports word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, txt acoustic - PERMAT: mP3, wMA, mP2, oGG, aAC, ma4, flac, ape, wav etc. Could play through the song list - Recording: MP3, WMA - Other: LRC synchronized display; ID3 search; search for files; Image of the album; User-defined audio effect - ic audio: top overall ic Cirrus independent audio decoding - snr: noise ration: = 90dB video - PERMAT: Support avi h.

264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV h. Asf, ts, tp, 3gp, mpg ect. = 30 formats, video playback internet directly (during download) - read: 1080 to 1920 pixels, 30 mo. No, you can contact us to buy all-in tpms - Integrated tpms app: yes, simply connect a tpms module to use this function - connection port: USB - direct supply of tpms module yes - tpms touch control module unit: yes - tpms module included: no, you can contact us to buy all dab (+) - in - player dab integrated application: yes, just connect a dab + box to use this feature - Port connection: uSB - direct feed of the dab + box: - touch control dab + box on the unit: yes - dab + box incl. No, you can contact us to buy all-in BC - BC Application Built-in: Yes, support audio input and external video - connection port: RCA - Supports DTV-in: yes, you can connect with a digital tV box (dVB-t / t2, ATSC, ISDB) to use extra - manual: may change the font, font color, background color, bookmark, reading an e-book while listening to music - photo viewer: support jps, bmp, png, gif etc.

Contribution - Video input for: one - video input reversing camera: A - External microphone input: A - audio input to the r / l - carplay in: a - box tpms: a - dab + box in: a - DVR car: an output - video output: two - audio output: en / fl / rr / rl - surround stereo output 4 45W - subwoofer output: a Accessories - 1 user manual in English - 1 connection cable audio and video rCA - 1 power cable with connector iso - 1 power cable with connector quadlock - 1 special decoder housing canbus - 1 micro cable position and cam-in - one radio antenna adapter cable - 1 uSB cable adapter - 1 for antenna - 1 wifi antenna - tf card 1 16 GB - 1 uSB card reader. Symacshop was born in September 2010 in order to offer its customers technological advanced products and selected by careful research and targeted producers worldwide. Join symacshop for the privilege to choose comfortably at home and at any time, from a wide range of exclusive products difficult to find in the shop under the house or in any mall competitive super price ! Our relentless pursuit aims to both the product and the manufacturer globally, with one goal in mind: to provide useful, safe and innovative in your homes. Symacshop selects the best products the world market and offers a catalog with more than 10 000 items constantly updated!

Our carefully selected products pass many tests in which parameters such as quality, safety, competitiveness and detail are assessed. Sign up, add product to cart and confirm the order. Our site has a simple structure that will allow you to find what you are looking for in no time and place orders a few clicks. Shopping online has never been easier! For us, the purchase is only the first step. All guests can benefit from a constant and precise assistance, an Italian warranty and product replacement in case of default. And if the product does not meet your expectations with symacshop you money back! We are also present on the site at the following address. Take a he returns to our synonymous with guarantee and secure purchase! If the cap destiny is revealed to be a \Extend for several days. All shipments are insured with our trusted couriers. The goods are not subject to customs fees upon delivery. Brand: erisin code: es3126s for more information please contact us included! Current: 10a system - RAM: 2 GB display - Touchscreen: yes internet video audio for - voice guidance: bluetooth yes - Handsfree: yes radio usb - capacity: 64 go carplay car dvr tpms-in dab (+) - in av-in additional intake system - carplay in: a - box tpms: a - dab + box in: an accessory output - 1 antenna - 1 wifi antenna which we are. The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.: erisin <\/ li>
  • brand: erisin <\/ li>
  • manufacturer part number: es3126s <\/ li>
  • Code producer: es3126s <\/ li>
  • ean: not applicable <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi    Car Erisin Es3126s 9 Volkswagen Skoda Octavia 9.0 For Android Dsp Navi